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A Women's Touch

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The ironman attempt is only 10 weeks away now. Since losing the 41 pounds in 30 days last year the physical challenge is to attempt an ironman this year, not just for the hell of it…oh no. This year I have been coaching a number of my swimkids to attempt to get in the Great Britain Biathle squad, it’s 2012, the Olympics are in Great Britain. I just thought what better experience could it be than for a child who I taught to swim to be able to compete for their country in Olympic year.

They are yet to qualify yet but I am confident we will have a few in the national team and the event is in Italy, so what better way for a coach to help raise funds than to attempt an ironman? Crazy maybe, but you don’t get normal results like what we seem to get without going for things. Today has been a good morning so far, I brought out the ebook LISTEN TO YOUR HEART…INSPIRING CONFIDENCE AND HOPE THROUGH THE STORY OF LOSING 41 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS only on saturday, already the giving impact of that is over 2000 people in Malawi getting access to clean water for a day which feels as good as losing the 3 stones in the first place.

It was then I went for my first session at the physiotherapy practice who are kindly helping me in my ironman preparations . I’ve known the practice manager for a while and love the set up they have, or what I’ve been told about, today was my first opportunity to sample things first hand so to speak. It’s a beautiful spring day up here in Lancashire, the birds are singing, the sun is out but it’s years since i’ve been for any kind of health appointment.. you name it, doctors, physios, dentists I guess it’s something synonimous with being a male. I was a bit early so sat waiting in the comfortable surroundings of Lytham health centre awaiting my turn. 9am and the door opened. I was met by the beeming smile of my physio Charlie and she ushered me in and first thing was; ‘how can we help you?’.

Well… then I started ‘I just 3 stones in a month last summer and it’s led to this ironman attempt for the swimkids etc etc and I’m not getting any younger etc etc. As always when you say about 3 stones in a month it was ‘HOW DID YOU DO THAT’ but then it was back in physio mode, all really good enquiring questions. In my case I’m not feeling much in the way of injury at the moment but I wanted to stay that way and was intersested in her advice on core work as that is what I need to work on to get round the marathon at the end of an iron man and the most useful stretches.

Charlie was superb I went to lie down on the assessment bed and was put through a series of joint and muscle flexibilty tests, followed be a sports massage to mainly my calves (that is the area that seems to break down most for me).. Charlie soon picked that up and just brought out enough pressure for me to know they were being attended too (in other words I could tell they needed attention by how tender they were but also knew the treatment was working to perfection). Through all this it was great we just chatted about swimming, her amateur dramitics, she’d just got married too and was moving house, I went through some of the stories in the book I’d just written. In other words with it was just that Your physiotherapy, designed just to assist you and you felt comfortable and ease the whole way through.

After the sports massage it I was asked to go through the stretches I was doing. I was keen on core hip and leg flexibilty and apart from without being chastised I was given friendly advice to do little and more not a few when I remembered, given brilliant instruction on improving each stretch and given some new really useful exercises. It’s amazing how a woman’s touch does the trick, I left to a beaming smile and the knowledge that my ironman attempt had just been given a great boost by good knowledge, the right instruction for the right things and the right actions to keep me in one piece before the day. And without looking at the time I guess all that was in the space of around half an hour or so.

Interestingly enough my next appointment was with an ebay dealer with mass following who was interested in selling my aforementioned ebook, on the way on the side of a building was a sign on a building : Start your fitness career today.. 1 day course.. and teach our classes. Hmmm I thought I’ve lost 3 stone in one month and over a half ironman in 6 weeks and your telling me that? I kept driving to my appointment which was extremely positive and I left it with the feeling that many more people will become inspired by the story and yet again the true meaning of sport was shining through. That is sport is an amazing tool not only to help ourselves but to help others too. Always look a little bit beyond the signs people put up and find the reason why and more importantly listen to yourself and why you do sports.

Thank you so much to for understanding that concept, the knowledge behind the friendly smile is perfect for any sports people of physio of any kind and I hope many more in Lancashire utilise your services. I await my next session in fortnight where amongst other things we will be looking at core exercises which is fab.

Anyway that’s it from me I’m off for a bike ride before lunch, now I’m feeling that touch better, and even more confident moving forward.

So bye all for now

Luke ;-)

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