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Your Physio News

The ironman attempt is only 10 weeks away now. Since losing the 41 pounds in 30 days last year the physical challenge is to attempt an ironman this year, not just for the hell of it…oh no. This year I have been coaching a number of my swimkids to attempt to get in the Great Britain Biathle squad, it’s 2012, the Olympics are in Great Britain. I just thought what better experience could it be than for a child who I taught to swim to be able to compete for their country in Olympic year.

They are yet to qualify yet but I am confident we will have a few in the national team and the event is in Italy, so what better way for a coach to help raise funds than to attempt an ironman? Crazy maybe, but you don’t get normal results like what we seem to get without going for things. Today has been a good morning so far, I brought out the ebook LISTEN TO YOUR HEART…INSPIRING CONFIDENCE AND HOPE THROUGH THE STORY OF LOSING 41 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS only on saturday, already the giving impact of that is over 2000 people in Malawi getting access to clean water for a day which feels as good as losing the 3 stones in the first place.

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