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Well the training has begun. First Marathon of my life here we come. Looking at what I have to achieve in the next few months, I am wondering what have I done?!

However peer pressure combined with wanting to achieve a lifelong ambition, and knowing that I am reasonably fit means I have booked my place and WILL be ready for July 15th.

July 15th is when I will be running a marathon with a twist. I will be taking part in the Man vs Lakes, starting out at Morecambe and finishing in the Lake District, after swinging in some trees and negotiating inflatables on the Lake as part of the ‘running’ Marathon.

My training has begun. I consider myself lucky to have some good connections to help me along the way. Having run my own Physiotherapy company for over 10 years, I already work with some great fitness people. Now though, I need to practice what I preach, so I am off to the gym 4 times a week for some Strength & Conditioning work,   followed by a run diary devised for me by Accelerate Coaching.

I envisage lots of soft tissue work and foam rolling for me in the next few weeks, not forgetting plenty of stretching. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Sports massage  is a deeper, more targeted form of
massage that helps you recover from or avoid injury.  It can be undertaken at any point, pre or
post event.

Sports massage is not just for competitive sports people it is also an important tool
in the treatment of many soft tissue injuries.
The benefits of sports massage can be broadly divided into three
distinct categories:

'I have just completed the London Marathon and enjoyed every minute of it.  I had thought that I would have to pull out at one point as I had gained a hip and shoulder problem when I started to increase my mileage and speed in training.  But with a set of exercises and some treatment from Paula, I completed my first marathon and had no problems from hip or shoulder.

I am looking forward to the next one, knowing that if I have any problems I know where to go for treatment.

Thank you Your Physiotherapy.'

Karen Clark

This week we have been concentrating on our 'Active Birth' pregnancy package.  This is mainly due to the course Charlie recently attended, which was designed for Physiotherapists working with Pregnant and Post Natal women.

'Active Birth' essentially means 'free to move during labour.'  And many women adopt this approach to ease labour and in some cases stay at home longer, before going into hospital for the birth. 

The ironman attempt is only 10 weeks away now. Since losing the 41 pounds in 30 days last year the physical challenge is to attempt an ironman this year, not just for the hell of it…oh no. This year I have been coaching a number of my swimkids to attempt to get in the Great Britain Biathle squad, it’s 2012, the Olympics are in Great Britain. I just thought what better experience could it be than for a child who I taught to swim to be able to compete for their country in Olympic year.

They are yet to qualify yet but I am confident we will have a few in the national team and the event is in Italy, so what better way for a coach to help raise funds than to attempt an ironman? Crazy maybe, but you don’t get normal results like what we seem to get without going for things. Today has been a good morning so far, I brought out the ebook LISTEN TO YOUR HEART…INSPIRING CONFIDENCE AND HOPE THROUGH THE STORY OF LOSING 41 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS only on saturday, already the giving impact of that is over 2000 people in Malawi getting access to clean water for a day which feels as good as losing the 3 stones in the first place.

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