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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 15:02

Pre & Post Natal Physio

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This week we have been concentrating on our 'Active Birth' pregnancy package.  This is mainly due to the course Charlie recently attended, which was designed for Physiotherapists working with Pregnant and Post Natal women.

'Active Birth' essentially means 'free to move during labour.'  And many women adopt this approach to ease labour and in some cases stay at home longer, before going into hospital for the birth. 

As part of this ethos, we offer rental of an Obstetrics TENS machine and exercise ball, for use during labour.  The rental is for approximately 6 weeks, and Charlie will go through how it all works, before leaving you to use the equipment.

Charlie also works with ladies experiencing Pelvic Girdle Pain, SPD, back pain and sciatic pain related to pregnancy.  These are all common during pregnancy, as a woman's muscles and ligaments have more laxity to them, which can have the effect of making women more prone to pulled muscles, low back pain and hypermobile joints.

Physiotherapy treatment can produce great results during and after pregnancy.  And Charlie can show you ways to control lower back pain and pelvic pain, and also provide support postnatally to help regain stomach muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

Charlie is based at our Lytham and Bamber Bridge clinics. Please do let us know if you would like further information.





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