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Thursday, 18 October 2012 13:16

Sports Massage

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Sports massage  is a deeper, more targeted form of
massage that helps you recover from or avoid injury.  It can be undertaken at any point, pre or
post event.

Sports massage is not just for competitive sports people it is also an important tool
in the treatment of many soft tissue injuries.
The benefits of sports massage can be broadly divided into three
distinct categories:

Physical: Sports massage can lead  to increased blood flow and consequently nutrient delivery to your muscles, more
effective removal of metabolic waste, reduced fascial tension, reduction in
scar tissue and improved tissue elasticity.

Physiological:  The main physiological benefits are pain
reduction and muscle relaxation. Pain can occur from a muscle strain, overuse
or bruising.  Muscle overuse may lead to
'Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness,'  (DOMS),
which is related with increased exercise.
Many research papers have been published on the alleviating of DOMS
through sports massage.  Muscle
relaxation is caused by exposure to heat, increased circulation and stretching,
all of which occur during sports massage.

Psychological:   After receiving a sports massage, you may
feel a little sore, but you should also feel refreshed and invigorated.

If you feel that you would benefit from any of these effects why not book your
first sports massage with Your Physiotherapy today.

These are available at all four of our clinics

30mins  Sports Massage  £22.50

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